Thursday, January 3, 2008

A New Business Plan for Gyms

Yesterday was January 2nd otherwise known as amateur day at the gym. The day when everyone who has made a new year's resolution tries to come for their first visit, see my friend Sarah’s blog Brood for a hilarious description.

With this in mind. I thought what if gyms tried the punishment strategy, I discussed yesterday. A gym could take your credit card information and if you did not go to the gym 100 days in a year, you get charged $500. It would be easier for the gym to monitor you then say your buddy. If this is an effective method, then people might sign up for that gym, if they are actually serious.

As this article on how gyms make money points out, a lot of money is made selling year long memberships from those amateurs. But a lot of other money is made from personal trainers. The more you have people at the gym the more people might use the personal trainers.

Maybe I need to find that kind of gym, I worked out yesterday but not today.

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