Monday, January 3, 2011

About my new links

I have edited my links to reflect what I'm reading lately or intend to read more of in 2011. Here is a quick description on each blog. All blogs are highly recommended!

I include links to my professional web page and papers. If you want a copy of a paper behind a pay wall send me an e-mail.

Aidwatchers: Bill Easterly is a must read for people working or planning to work in International development
Chris Blattman: Place to go for thoughts on development, Africa focus
Economists Do It With Models: Jodi Beggs is one of the funniest economist out there
and world famous for arranging/performing the economics of Hannukah song
Freakonomics: Get your econ freak on with a variety of economists
James Manley ReseconTowson: My buddy and colleague provides insight on resource and environmental econ
Marginal Revolution: Full of great stories and always a new post.
Megan McArdle: Favorite blogging journalist covering financial news
NPR Health Blog: My old neighbor Scott on all things health
Seth Godin: Marketing insights daily
Silver Spring Singular: If it happens in Silver Spring it is there
Spousonomics: Linking marriage and economics. Buy their book in Feb 2011!
The Sports Economist: Best place for Sports Econ on the Web
Towson University: Hey they pay me, but I should mention the views here don't reflect that of Towson

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