Monday, March 31, 2008

Walk on! Walk off!

If you read Sunday’s opening day post, you know where I was last night, Nationals Opening Night. It almost seems like I wrote that after going to the game, but another magical moment by Nats favorite Ryan Zimmerman. Walk off home run two outs bottom of the ninth, it was awesome! Fans like winning and homeruns (see yesterday).
Some economic thoughts on going to the game. First, someone must not have calculated the opportunity costs of taking all the extra time to run people through metal detectors that were necessary for President Bush to throw out the first pitch. I waited 30 minutes to get into the stadium, probably so did thousands of other people.

Second, if run properly there are great economies of scale by taking public transportation. That is one more person on the metro or bus doesn’t really cost much more as opposed to one more car. The metro ride in worked pretty well, it was a little congested leaving the station to get to the game. We opted for the bus to another metro on the way home, which was pretty easy.

Finally, I was feeling some great DC pride yesterday even though like many here I’m a transplant. It’s hard to put a figure on it, but I wonder about the public good of civic pride that comes out of having. But of course some economists have tried (link, link2)

Happy opening day.

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