Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Major League Baseball Wants You to Use Stub Hub

My friend Andy in Chicago wanted to go to Cubs game on Friday, but tickets were sold out. Andy noticed on the Cubs website there was a link to StubHub a ticket reseller. Andy asked me why would the Cubs want to help ticket resellers?

First, the amount someone pays for a ticket will in part be determined if they can resell it. Most Cubs tickets were purchased months ago for anyone buying tickets there is always the possibility that something else could come up (sickness, visiting relatives) being able to resell the tickets makes them more valuable.

Second, purchasing tickets via other secondary sellers such as Craigslist and Ebay, there is always a possibility of a scam such as fake tickets. The Cubs or other baseball teams can verify that the seller does have season tickets and can transfer the ticket via e-mail to the second buyer. Eliminating the worry for a scam increases the value of the tickets and makes the tickets easier to resell.

Finally, StubHub is now the exclusive reseller of Major League baseball tickets after signing an agreement last year. Although the details are not disclosed. Stubhub makes about 20% for each ticket sold and is now paying some percentage of that fee to the baseball team. If you sell your ticket on Craigslist or Ebay the Cubs get nothing, but buy at StubHub they get something.

This story has a happy ending. Andy found cheap tickets getting standing room only tickets released at the box office a few hours before the game then moving to seats in the 2nd inning and the Cubs Won 3-1.

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