Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paying Me Not to Park Part II: Stanford Does It

Last week, I wrote about the possibility of Towson, my University, to pay me not to park. The idea being that the school subsidizes faculty and student parking, so if they could get me not to purchase a parking pass by paying me the school could save money (of course they could raise parking fees too).

I thought this suggestion was a little crazy, but it is just crazy enough for Stanford University! The program is detailed in Stanford’s alumni magazine here. Stanford offers faculty and students $216 a piece last year ($282 this year) not to purchase a parking pass. Plus those who join the program also get a chance at valuable prizes.

The results are impressive from the article “The percentage that drive to work alone has dropped from 72 percent in 2002 (before the program) to 52 percent in 2007.”

One problem might be that you want to drive to work occasionally, so Stanford allows the non-commuters to purchase day passes.

Another concern is that an emergency might occur (sick kid, house is on fire, or you forgot your lecture notes). Stanford has that covered with an emergency ride program. More specifics found here.

I have been spending the summer at Stanford, but not as official employee. I’m riding my bike to work and have not parked on campus all summer. Can I have my check now?

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Jennie said...

I know a few people in the DC area who get paid to park. Often, they'd get a parking pass as part of the benefits package and successfully negotiated that into money (ostensibly to help with metro fare.)

Also, Arlington County boasts walk/bike benefits for employees, but the jobs site doesn't get into details about what those are...

Seth Gitter said...

I thought I had heard complaints about the Feds giving free parking out.

It looks like local DC council is trying to tax free parking

I'll look into Arlington County, thanks for the heads up.