Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Hotel Rwanda and Your Netflix Queue: You Can Check Out Anytime You Like, But It Will Never Leave

I love Netflix! I put movies in a queue on their website they send me two at a time and each time I send one back, usually after a couple of days they send me a new one. Sometimes it takes me a week or two to watch a movie, but after that since I have the 2 at a time package I send the movie back if I have not watched it. Some Netflix users hold on to their movies for months. In fact so long that it would have been cheaper to buy a copy of the movie then to pay for the extra disc on Netflix.

Slate recently collected information from readers on what type of movies people held on to the longest from their Netflix queue (great article here). At the top of the list were Hotel Rwanda and Schindler’s List. Like many other movies at the top of the list they were highly acclaimed, but not bag of popcorn and a beer to forget about your tough day at work type movies.

The article is a good insight into the work of behavioral economics. Sometimes people are not good at judging what they want to do, but instead judge what they wish they wanted to do. The other thing is that depending on the day people’s taste change.

This also verifies the Stand Up Economists Principles of Economics that Choices are Bad and People are Stupid (nerdy econ types who haven't seen this watch here).

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Raghu Srinivasan said...

Or, just join FeedFlix to always stay up to date with how long you've had your Netflix rentals

Gregorus said...

I think this just might have to do with moods: I often add movies to my netflix queues when I hear about them from co-workers or friends in e-mails from work.

At work, I'd be much more inclined to feel like watching serious and emotional films - they would break the monotony and make me *feel* something. But once I get home, I'm ready to relax and watch something funny or light.

Emotional state may be the key - A mismatch between when you queue and when you watch.

Jennie said...

So... I'm not the only one who finally admitted they were never going to watch those discs of French art film and so returned them? Only to get Footballers Wive$ in return?

Seth Gitter said...

Raghu, thanks for the link to feed flix. Looks like they are just getting started.

Gregorous-- so we should update are queue right before watching movies.

jennie --- I made Marie watch Diving Bell, french blinking no way bring on more Deadwood