Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'll Go Back To Rockville: Strip Mall Food Finds

On Sunday a friend of a friend took me to a great Taiwanese restaurant in Rockville. It helped that her parents are Taiwanese and she ordered for us. It was one of the better meals I have had in the DC area in a while and with beer, dessert and tip it was $17 a person. Actually that's an understatement the meal was AWESOME!

I think this is my first strip mall find in Maryland. Tyler Cowen has been touting strip malls as the new locals of interesting ethnic cuisine. This article he wrote in the post a few years back discusses the change.

In short rents got too high in Chinatown, Dupont, Georgetown, and Adams Morgan (former hubs of great little restaurants with food from around the world) so ethnic restaurants moved to strip malls in Rockville, Annadale, and Wheaton. Also as Cowen points out second generation immigrants have more money for cars and eating out.

We had a similar experience looking for dim sum in DC all the good places are in suburbs. So unfortunately the good food finds in the DC area may require a car ride.

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