Friday, October 9, 2009

Kiva Contest II

Dear Blog Readers,

For my Development Economics class I'm holding a contest please help me vote for the best proposal. I had students write a request to fund a micro loan. The micro loan was requested through a website called Kiva. On the website potential borrowers request funds for a loan and people like you and me can provide a loan directly to borrowers in developing countries. To engage my students a little more I chose the top three proposals in the class. The proposal receiving the most votes will receive $150 to put toward the loan of their choice, 2nd place $50, and 3rd place $25.

I would like it if my blog readers, read their proposals and chose their favorite. To vote make a selection using the poll to the right of this post. If you only have time to read a few pick a couple of enteries at random and select one you like.

Fortunately, Kiva is becoming very popular and many of these loans have been funded. In that case I will allow the students to choose a new loan to fund. Thank you for your help, and I hope you enjoy my students' proposals.

Seth Gitter

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cakes said...

Hi Seth,

Love your idea of making a contest out of the Kiva funding proposals! So much so that I posted your proposals blog post to Facebook.

Keep it real.


John Briggs
Kiva Fellow

Prat said...

Hi Seth,

I study at OWU and had the chance to attend your lecture at OWU as well.

I could not find these proposals anywhere. Also, based on your experience, do you think there's a similar good idea that can be usable for fundraising.

One modification I came up with was to advertise 3-4 loans and ask people to vote on it. The one with the most vote wins.

As you can see, this does not include proposals like the ones in yours. Did the proposal fulfill any educational objective that can be used for a Kiva fundraiser?