Friday, May 28, 2010

Economics Tattoos

I saw a group of pictures of nerdy tattoos yesterday, but I can't find the link. There were pictures of maybe 50 tattooed people with things like DNA, Darwin's drawings, physics formulas, and chemical bonds as well as a few famous lines from great books. There were no tattoos related to economics. Then I did a google search on economics tattoos no luck.

A search of Supply and Demand tattoo shows that Peter Leeson author of The Invisible Hook: The Hidden Economics of Pirates has the curves tattooed on his bicep (From Economists Do it With Models)

I'm not really into tattoos but if I had to get an economics tattoo, I think I would go with a set of indifference curves with a budget constraint.

Lucky for my family my indifference curves on the two axis of tattoos and nontattoo goods intersect at no economics tattoos.

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