Monday, April 18, 2011

The Plane Waited For You, But What do I Get

Just got back from Madison last night, great conferences which I will describe later this week. So a traveling story. About how to go from the bad guy to the good guy.

Part 1: Flight from Madison to Detroit is delayed 2 hours. Lands in Detroit just as our plane to DC is supposed to leave. We arrive and find the flight is being delayed (I think so we and some other can get on) we have 10 minutes to get from Gate 77 to 33.

Part 2: Mixed strategy. Marie and Sylvia take the tram, I take the stroller. I figure it will take more time to get the stroller up and down the elevator to the tram, plus I can run with the stroller. I also figure if Marie and Sylvia arrive, they'll hold the plane an extra minute or two for a Dad (or at least his cute baby).

Part 3: Make it to the plane and board!!! While we were boarding, a woman who was sitting in our seat is clearly aggitated that the plane was held 15 minutes for those of us with tight connection.

Part 4: She exclaims they held the plane for you, but what are they going to do for me (well after saying she just wanted to f-ing get to DC).

Part 5: I instinctively offer to buy her a beer. Since, I'm in a good mood, just made a connection I was sure to miss and Sylvia is asleep.

Part 6: She refuses the beer and grumbles. I say seriously let me buy you a drink.

Part 7: Nice lady behind angry lady who only wants to f-ing get to DC, rolls her eyes at angry lady. Now I'm the nice guy with the baby and she is the angry lady.

Part 8: Angry lady buys her own beer and looks mad the whole flight we arrive to the gate 2 minutes late.

Part 9: I win!

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