Thursday, June 21, 2012

Easterly and Tire Problems

Bill Easterly has shared his thoughts on Soccket which I discussed yesterday. The best lines from the post which is well worth the read is

"Now I’m not going to do what you expect and get all crotchety at this point and say this is all useless nonsense. " and " So my constructive advice for the Soccket creators is please give us a little more evidence on how well the Soccket works for those poor consumers and a bit less of rich people testifying how excited they are about this story."

I should also add that Soccket e-mailed me back a thoughtful response. When I have a chance I'll provide some more thoughts.

For those of you landing here from Easterly's blog. Thought I would point you to one of my favorite blogs (Duall Services) written by a college friend who runs a service that cleans out foreclosed houses.  The linked recent post talks about how you have to pay to have tires recycled, which explains why so many tires are littered. You should read the blog, because Pete combines great photography with excellent prose.

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