Monday, August 27, 2012

This Midnight Metro Ride Brought To You By....

The Washington Nationals fans do care if they ever get back home even if it means missing the last few innings. Last week a Nationals game against second place rival the Atlanta Braves started an hour late due to rain, then went extra innings. Unfortunately, the DC Metro [subway] which many fans including me use to get to the game closes at midnight on weeknights. So late in the game the Nationals announced leave now or find another way home, and many fans had to leave early and missed a thrilling finish.

The Nationals could have prevented this by paying $30,000 to the DC metro authority for each hour the metro ran late. The Nationals didn't think it was worth it after the last time they paid for a late metro and only a few hundred fans used the service.

But, what if the Nationals make the playoffs with games starting later and lasting longer due to TV and slower play the need for late night metro is even greater. If the Nats won't pay up, why not find a sponsor here are a few suggestions to pay who would get the free press.

1. Taco Bell -- Ride the metro to your forth meal
2. The State of Georgia Tourism Board --- Take the midnight train to Georgia
3. Obama Campaign --- Trains You Can Believe In
4. Romney Campaign ---- Believe in Metro
5. CSX -- Our trains can move a ton of Nats fan in a single hour
6. Ben's Chilli Bowl (note train is direct to U Street) -- From half street to half smoke

Happy to take more. Actually I think Taco Bell would be a good fit.

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