Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More Disaster Relief

Here is the link to the final article in the three part series by my buddy Dan Rothschild on Katrina recovery.

As I said it is even harder in the developing world. Rebuilding after the Peruvian earthquake that struck a few weeks ago is still going slow. I thought this article really demonstrated the difficulties in distributing aid. I also liked this quote from the article from the President of Peru:

"An earthquake is like a war situation arising from a foreign invasion," GarcĂ­a said. "In situations like this we need a single chain of command, with less democracy and a more vertical command structure."

This suggestion reminds me of a recent book (that I'm meaning to read) Paul Collier's the Bottom Billion. Collier suggests military action as a way to make sure that funds get properly distributed and economies function properly in the most war torn states.

Although the results in a sample of one in Iraq are not great so far.

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