Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sirens and Seatbelts

The other day on Marginal Revolution Tyler Cowen asked how many lives should be saved in order for a seat belt law to be enacted. One point of view is if the only person hurt by the lack of seatbelt is the driver without a seatbelt, then we should let them make their own decision. However, not all car decisions only impact the driver. It reminded me of this recent story about Mazadas surrounding a Hummer on a Chinese Highway, imagine what their boxing in could do to the Hummer driver. Even more so I liked this description of the Mazadas

“Many had their Mazda 6s tricked out with souped-up engines, spoilers, and even police sirens. Modifying cars is technically illegal in China, but the laws are not strictly enforced.”

I will come out on record as saying I’m for laws that outlaw people putting police sirens on their car.

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