Thursday, October 4, 2007

World Hunger

I came across this quote today from Malvika Subba, the former Miss Nepal and an activist fighting to end global hunger:

"I am not pessimistic because reports of the Food and Agriculture Organization show that there are enough food and mineral resources to feed the whole planet. The obstacles are mostly political."

Her remarks are similar to Amartya Sen (1998 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics ), who believed that famine and hunger are often not caused by a lack of food, but by a lack of ability to distribute that food.

Over the last two years the number of those who lack adequate access to food has grown by about 5%. It is not clear that just giving food to the poor is the best option (see a previous post).

Last week when I posted about homesteading a commenter asked, what could the developing world do with an extra $2 a day to become like the modern homesteader. If the money can be distributed effetely, that amount of money is enough to get children through middle school and provide basic health care as evident by the programs I have studied (Progresa in Mexico and RPS in Nicaragua). The question now is how do we get aid to people?

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