Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Make Your Own?

Over the weekend I brewed a clone of a 60 minute Dogfishhead beer. I purchased the ingredients and recipe from Xtremebrewing. The brew supply company was started by the brewers of Dogfishhead so that homebrewers like myself could brew their own versions of Dogfishheads own products. Although, I doubt in a blind taste test my brew will taste better than the original, I still brew anyways. It is slightly cheaper so that is one reason, but really the savings is only about $5-10 for fifty beers and about 4 hours of my time.

As the Freakonomics blog pointed out a while back there is a rise in knitting, gardening and other similar hobbies that produce something of use. The rise in part is due to the fact we work fewer hours. Another reason might be an evolution of the hobby industry, making it relatively easy for someone like me with little expertise and $100 worth of equipment to brew tasty beers. As our hobbies become more productive in terms of their output we want to do them more.

Now can I wait 6 weeks until my brew is ready?

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