Monday, December 10, 2007

Tigers made in Venezuela

Over at DailyKos a posts ask today why are Major League Baseball (MLB) jerseys and hats made abroad. The author, Mooncat, points out that although the uniforms worn by the players are made in the USA the same merchandise sold to the public is made in China, Honduras, and Vietnam.

The author then points to several outfits that several similar hats and shirts without baseball logos made in the USA sell for similar amounts and would only raise the price of a hat a few dollars. If the US is capable of making these jersey for only a few dollars more, why wouldn’t MLB have everything made in the US…..simple profits. The author of the post is suggesting that readers make their voice heard that they prefer American made jerseys and hats, which would suggest to MLB that more profits might be possible if they made some or all items in the US. This raises some questions in my mind.

1.Suppose that MLB closed all Chinese apparel factories and opened up new factories in the US. Is it really better to put those Chinese workers out of a job at the expense of giving Americans jobs.

2.How much are the Dailykos readers willing to pay for the privilege of purchasing made in America goods?

3.Could having American made jersey sold as a more expensive product (sold separately), actually make MLB more money?

4.If some of my favorite Detroit Tigers were made in Venezuela (Miguel Cabrera, Magglio Ordonez, and Carlos Guillen) are they taking away American baseball jobs, should MLB move to systems where the number of foreign players are limited as was/is the case in some soccer leagues.

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