Monday, August 16, 2010

Did Walmart Insult My Family?

So I went on vacation with my parents, sister, brother's family, my wife, and daughter. To celebrate we got a family portrait taken at Walmart with all 10 of us. After the session we were offered two prices either we got to keep a CD of the pictures for $225 and got no prints. Or we could pay $179 got to keep the exact same CD and would be given several prints of varying sizes.

Walmart will pay $50 for us to leave with prints of our own family? Are they saying we photographed so poorly they would pay us to leave with our own photos?

Not really, we take an excellent photo. It's just they are hoping that if we start choosing prints we'll order more and we will likely come back to the store to pick up those prints at which point we'll spend even more at Walmart.

Thanks to my Dad for pointing out this pricing scheme to me.
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