Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who Put Popcorn in the Collection Plate?

On Sunday morning I was walking around downtown Silver Spring with my daughter Sylvia. At both of my local movie theaters churches had rented space and were having services in the theater. As an economist this seems like a great idea. There is a large fixed cost to have the seating and building for movie theaters. No one goes to see movies on Sunday mornings so the space is not being used so the marginal cost of having the church there is near zero. I think all you would need is to have someone unlock the door and maybe clean up after. I do wonder if they open the concession stand?

I thought the only thing that could be better would be a synagogue that meets in a bowling alley, you know for people who like their local alley but don't roll on shabbas. Of course LA had one in the earlier nineties , I wonder if Walter Sobchak was a member of Rabbi Espstein's congregation?

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rjgitter said...

You know, this reminds me of an old joke. (What doesn't?)

A psychologist, a sociologist and an economist were golfing. Things were going well until they reached a large delay on one of the holes. They inquired as to what the problem was and they were told play had slowed due to a blind golfer.

The pyschologist said isn't it amazing how the brain has learned new skills to compensate for being blind and the man can golf. The sociologist said that it was wonderful that society had adopted so that a blind person could golf with his friends.

The economist said "How inefficient. Why doesn't he golf at night."

Of course the interesting question is to what extent is it that we become economists because we think efficiency is important and to what extent does studying economics lead us to think efficiency is important?

Bob Gitter