Monday, November 15, 2010

Why is there no soda variety pack?

On vacation my parents usually got us the variety pack of mini cereal boxes. You can buy mixed six packs of beers from many brewers. I ran into an issue this weekend when buying soda for my daughter's first birthday party this past weekend (by the way Happy Birthday Sylvia!). I knew lots of different people were coming, probably each had a preferred soda. I would be willing to pay extra for a 12 pack of say a mix of coke, diet, sprite, and orange soda. I guess I can only deduce that there are few people like me that want this mix of 12 pack of cans. Another possibility is that Coke and Pepsi have reached a good equilibrium where they both don't offer variety packs, causing people like me to buy too much soda. After all this thought I bought lemonade instead.

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