Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toys R Us in Silver Spring Closing: Economics of Temporary Stores

Last June a Toys R US express opened in downtown Silver Spring. Silver Spring Singular reported on the opening last year (link)

From the link
"What is Toys R Us Express? From what I was able to find, it is the name used by TRU for smaller, temporary holiday stores that have done well enough to justify their continued existence into the new year. Of course, as this location is being opened up in July, their plans appear to be to operate this location as a year-round store."

So it looks like sales didn't justify their existence. They do have a sign that says see you next season, so perhaps we can expect the Toys R US express store to open right after the Halloween costume shop closes. Then the express can close again for a Super Bowl TV store or Valentines flower shop, which is open until a snow cone stand comes in sometime around April.

Finally, thanks for Silver Spring Singular for the recent link. I'm going to be upping the Silver Spring content here, but balancing it out with stuff that non-locals will find more interesting than Silver Spring's most famous econ related native (Ben Stein).

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