Monday, January 3, 2011

Qdoba vs Chipotle

-Picture from Green Eggs Marketing

On New Years Day I walked to downtown Silver Spring and in front of the Chipotle (which was closed for New Years) was a man handing out coupons for 2 for 1 burritos from Qdoba that is located 2 blocks away.

As economist I love this scene. It shows there is no burrito monopoly. It demonstrates the ice cream on the beach problem, where on a long beach two ice cream sellers should set up next to each other (see this old post)

Qdoba's 2 for 1 deal is also great news for those on the burrito diet!

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Gregorus said...

Qdoba has amazingly excellent breakfast burritos, which Chipotle does not. If the coupons can be used for breakfast, even regular dinnertime Chipotle patrons could benefit.

Barb said...

There is also, of course, Baja Fresh offering burritos. (I go there for the nachos, though.)