Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Food News

In Minnesota Chipotle has fired over 400 workers due to their workers inability to prove their legal status it sounds like DC and Virginia Chipotle audits are starting too. No word on if the have come to Silver Spring.

From an economics point of view. If the workers are immigrants be they legal or illegal they likely do hurt job opportunities for native born workers, particularly those without higher education. On the other hand with immigrants we get cheaper burritos, plus you could debate if the immigrants bring knowledge which improves the food (this argument is much easier to make at a non-fast food or chain place). As a burrito eater my thought is whatever it is that Chipotle does it should be legal because no chain impresses me more with their efficiency.

Unrelated, but since I'm doing something on food news. Guinness sales in Ireland are down with the recent economic crisis there. Typically beer consumption goes up during recessions, but Guinness may suffer because it is better on draft than in a bottle or can and during recessions people are more likely to drink at home.

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