Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Your Food is Half Price if You Eat Next to the Bathroom

Alexander’s Steakhouse has embraced its terrible table, located between the two bathrooms, in a rather novel way. For diners who opt to sit there, sense of humor in hand (and presumably sans a super sense of smell), Alexander’s will take 50% off the entire bill — both food and beverage.

From SFGate

The deal is mentioned on their facebook page, although it wasn't obvious from their website. In Europe and a few US restaurants it is common to pay less to eat at the bar (actually our campus sports bar has bar only specials). I like that this restaurant has taken it to the extreme.

It is a good gimic that could be copied elsewhere. I wonder what type of restaraunt this is best for. If a place is too fancy it might take away from the ambience, if it is too cheap the marginal benefit of a nice table isn't much. A steak house seems like just the right place. In Silver Spring this wouldn't work because the $7 burger at Rays is already too good a deal.

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