Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Game Over! Video Game Company Lets You Play One Time

Capcom's new video game "Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D" will only allow one saved game and the game cannot be reset. I haven't played many video games since the days of Mario 3 so apologies if I get things wrong. In short this is a problem, because it hurts the resale value of the game. Some larger outlets of rented and second hand games are not making Resident evil available. Articles like this one in Wire complain that not being able to trade, rent, or lend the game decrease the value to the original buyer.

The author in Wire won't buy the game, but as he also points out the game even with the potential resell might not be worth the $40 price tag. If Capcom lowered the price sufficiently to compensate for the loss of the value of holding the right to the game, my guess is people would buy it. It would seem that would be the case. If you rent a game or buy a pay preview movie you do not own the right to resell it.

My colleague at Towson claims students would rather have a tradition book they can resell, than an e-book they can't, since Mom & Dad usually pay for books, but the students keep the cash from selling their book.

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