Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Piratz Bar Rescued?

Perhaps I should just write about Piratz or reality TV since my readership for an article on Piratz Tavern featured on bar rescue  got roughly 20 times more views than my normal posts.

To summarize Piratz is local tavern with a pirate theme. Piratz was not doing well so they were featured on the Spike TV show bar rescue. You can watch the episode here. 

In my previous post on Piratz which I wrote during the filming in February, I examined the impact of the show bar rescue on the bars it helps. What is incredible is the Piratz has by far more reviews on Yelp than any of the bars I looked up. Particularly in the last day or two as the show aired there are by my count 37 reviews of the place over the weekend. What is very interesting is that nearly all of them are 1 or 4 or 5 stars with few ratings in the middle. This does not appear to be just caused by the airing of the show as after the show filmed you see fewer by similar ratings of either 1 or 4 stars.

The owner says business is up (although that may be due to press from the show).
I guess I will have to do my research at the barrrr!!

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