Monday, August 27, 2007

The Economic Principles of a New Job

Well, the Blog of diminishing returns, needs to change its name. I’m now a second year professor. This time at a new school Towson University. I have created this blog for my students. It is my hope to be able to show them what I find interesting about economics and to apply what we have learned in the class room to the real world.

With that in mind. Today is my first day at Towson. My experience so far reminds me of some basic economic concepts. Opportunity cost, by coming here I give up pursuing working full time at Development agencies like the World Bank. I also give up hanging out with my cat all day. I also turned down a nice offer from another university to be a professor there. At the end of the day though I’m extremely excited to be here and while I know I have given up some interesting opportunities, I look forward to working with the students and other Economics professors here at Towson.

Now to work on the fixed costs of changing jobs.

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