Friday, August 3, 2007

Who reads these things?

I keep meaning to get this blog going again, but I had been a little down about it. I see that even great econ bloggers like Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution only get 7-10 comments per post. It made me wonder how few people read these things, even if you are well known. Then yesterday Tyler Cowen offered free copies of his new book to 15 people posting comments and he received over 200 comments. I read a few blogs daily, but I generally don’t post comments either so perhaps I was mistaken and there is a large set of unobservable readers like me. You could look at page view counts, but the Econ bloggers do not seem to prominently feature them. Anyways, I decided not to try to win a free copy of Tyler Cowen’s new book. I’m going to purchase it this weekend as I have gotten plenty of free entertainment from the marginal revolution blog.


poet~lover~rebel~spy said...

Other blogging forums (like Wordpress) allow you to see not only how many views per day, but how many clicks per post and which links people followed into and out of your blog.

RossAndKate said...

I highly recommend google gives you as much information as you could possibly want about visits, including locations of visitors, length of stay, number of page views, etc. Pretty cool, eh?

poet~lover~rebel~spy said...

Yo Kate-o. Tell me more about how google analytics works . . . I have yet to figure out any stats for my blogspot page! Am I just being stupid?