Wednesday, May 7, 2008

200th Post: Thanks for Reading

I thought I would put up post #200 and take a little time to reflect. Starting with a post on Renters Insurance I have covered development, energy policy, college endowments, baseball, beer, travel, and numerous other topics.

I have been averaging over 20 posts a month, which means I’m hitting my nearly every weekday goal.

As for readership so far I have gotten 8,300 hits although some of those are from people looking for picture of the Big Lebowski. In the next year I hope to increase my readership, but on an average day I still have more readers then students I teach a semester.

A couple of ideas I’m working on is to figure a way to include the blog as part of my class (or at least make it an option of reading a few blogs). Also I would be interested in dual posting with other blog writers or trading guest posts on topics of mutual interest.

Posting may be a little slow as the semester winds down. But come a few weeks posting will pick up hopefully in quantity and quality.

If you have any econ questions you would like to see me discuss let me know.

I realize you have lots of choices for your blog reading and every time you read this post there is an opportunity cost. So I hope your utility outweighs that opportunity cost, but if you are an irrational reader I thank you anyways.

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