Friday, May 9, 2008

What is Scott Adams Smoking at The Economics Party?

O.K. I was just going for a cool title, but Scott Adams, Dilbert’s creator, is talking about creating an economics political party, but I think he misses the mark on what economists agree on. This party idea was in response to recent debate on the gas tax. From his blog, Scott Adams suggestions for the party would be:

The Economics Party would ignore superstition in its decisions. Here are a few things I think would end up on the platform, assuming most leading economists agree:
- Withdraw from Iraq
- More aggressive energy policy (back off on ethanol)--
- More sane tax policies
- Limited government
- Legalize doctor assisted suicide
- Keep abortion legal
- Decriminalize marijuana
- Strong education policy

I’m not sure this is what economist actually agree on. Generally as Greg Mankiw summarizes a survey of American Economics Associate members, economists like free trade, don’t like agricultural subsidies, like immigration, think social security is going to run into trouble and we should raise the retiring age.

Only 62% are pro-legalizing marijuana. I’m unsure on economists views on abortion, suicide, and Iraq, but I’m guessing they largely fall in line with their political and not economic views.

Heck we can’t even agree on the minimum wage (38% think it should be higher, 47% think it should be eliminated). We do agree that economists are under paid and appreciated so next time you see one give them a hug.

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Joe said...
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Joe said...

Even if that platform doesn't accurately represent economists I still think it's a great platform. Why aren't there candidates that hold or express these views?

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