Thursday, May 15, 2008

$240 worth of pudding.....awww yeah! The Pudding Index


So if you don't know anything about $240 worth of pudding watch the video first.

The video is from the State an MTV sketch comedy show from the mid 1990s. This skit was ranked #47 on the Nerve's list of best 50 comedy sketchs of all time.

Really this post will make no sense if you don't watch the video. It might not makes sense after, but just watch it.

It's time now for $240 worth of pudding......

One night my wife and I wondered how much pudding $240 would purchase. After seeing the video again, I thought how has that amount changed over time. The graph below shows the amount of pudding that could be purchased for $240 going back to 1950.
I used US government data on the price of a gallon of whole milk, plus 8 boxes of instant pudding mix per gallon. A box of instant pudding mix is assumed to cost $1.09 (based on field research at Safeway) and is indexed to the CPI. We also assume anyone who would make $240 worth of pudding would not think ahead to buy in bulk.

Currently $240 buys only 19 gallons worth of pudding, when the sketch came out in 1993 it bought almost 30. At my birth in 1980 $240 would have bought 50 gallons worth of pudding.

Still 19 gallons is a lot of pudding.... awww yeah!

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Seth Gitter said...

I should note the milk data is in nominal terms too. That is I use the actual price of milk. So in 1993 milk costs about $2.21 a gallon, now it costs $3.84 a gallon

A.H. said...

That pudding video gets more and more funny with each viewing...