Monday, November 3, 2008

Akua Aboka in Togo

It was not an easy task to look for eligible entrepreneurs on KIVA due to the fact that I had to choose only one of them. After hours of browsing I decided to write this report on Akua Aboka and hopefully convince you to loan her money for her business.

Akua Aboka is a 42 year old married woman and mother of two. She is a merchant and owns a ready-to-wear clothing store in Kpalime, Togo. In order to address her customers demand, increase her clienteles, and prosper her business she requested a loan of $975 of which $775 has been raised so far. The amount of $200 is the only obstacle that is keeping her from buying demand brand names shoes and outfits for her clientele.

There is a myriad of reasons why I think Aboka should be the recipient of your loan. For one, like most entrepreneurs on KIVA, Akua Aboka is from a developing country which has very limited resources to offer a banking system that would allow entrepreneurs like her to request loans for their businesses.

Second, my candidate is from Togo, a very small country of about the size of West Virginia which is located in West Africa. Togo’s economy depend heavily on agriculture with about 65 % of the population employed either in commercial and subsistence agriculture. It is no surprise to see that cash crops such as cocoa, coffee, and cotton (40 % of export revenues) generate most government revenues. The only natural resources for this country consist of phosphates, limestone, marble, and some arable land; and Togo is the fourth largest exporter of phosphate in the world. Togo has a deficit of 159 million dollars, huge debts, and a GDP per capita of $900. It is safe to assume that with no degrees, my candidate would make very less than $900 therefore leaving her unable to provide for her family.

KIVA is a window of opportunity where generous people like you can help Akua Aboka improve her living conditions with very little money. I am asking you to consider my candidate, think about the joy you will bring to her and her family, and the satisfaction you will get knowing that you have helped someone in great need.

Pulcherie Konan M'Bra
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