Monday, November 3, 2008

Kiva Proposal: Request to my Readers

Dear Blog Readers,

I'm trying something new this semester in my Development Economics class. I had students write a request to fund a micro loan. The micro loan was requested through a website called Kiva. On the website potential borrowers request funds for a loan and people like you and me can provide a loan directly to borrowers in developing countries. To engage my students a little more I chose the top five proposals in the class. The proposal receiving the most votes will receive $150 to put toward the loan of their choice, 2nd place $50, and 3rd place $25.

I would like it if my blog readers, read their proposals and chose their favorite. To vote make a selection using the poll to the right of this post. If you only have time to read a few pick a couple of enteries at random and select one you like.

Fortunately, Kiva is becoming very popular and many of these loans have been funded. In that case I will allow the students to choose a new loan to fund. Thank you for your help, and I hope you enjoy my students' proposals.

Seth Gitter
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1 comment:

A.H. said...

Great idea, Seth! I'm struck by how worthy each of those potential borrowers seems to be. Hopefully they'll all be able to raise the money they want. -Andy