Monday, November 17, 2008

Markets in Everything: Cupzzas (Pizza in the form of a cupcake)

What happens when you give $27 to group of students at Grinnell College (my undergrad) and get them to run a “business” for 10 days to raise money for charity?

Cupzzas, a pizza baked in cupcake form. Asa Wilder ’09 one of the founders is quoted in an article in Grinnell College's newspaper, the Scarlet and Black.

"We just really wanted to shatter the cupcake-pizza dichotomy. It's just existed for too long."

The Grinnellian entrepreneurs are also capital constrained, more from the article about how they made pupzzas, mini cupzzas.

"[A] lot of our ideas come from just not having the proper materials," Wilder said. "Like the pupzzas came from not being able to find the large tins."
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