Friday, July 16, 2010

If You Want a Nice Rap It's $7 More

I was listening to the Podcast Too Beautiful to Live and Rap Master Maurice was being interviewed. People hire Maurice to send both revenge raps and non-revenge raps to anyone they have a beef with or want to send a friendly message to.

An interesting thing about the Rap Master's pricing scheme is that friendly raps are $7 more than revenge raps. The Rap Master prefers sending revenge raps, in part because they help keep up his "cred" with his friends, but for a price ($7) more he's willing to send a friendly rap.

Also it seems in the past few years the Rap Master has increased his prices from $7/$14 for revenge/friendly to $12/$19 and the price might even go up $17/$24. Is it from an increase in demand for revenge raps?

Want to see what $12 gets you watch the clip below.

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