Thursday, July 1, 2010

NAASE Session on Sports Blogging

So I just got back from a a session on Sports Economics blogging with Brad Humphreys, Justin Wolfers, David Berri, Kevin Arnovitz (ESPN)

A couple of quick thoughts, I was going to ask why more blogs don't focus on published works. Then Brad Humphreys said he blogs at the International Journal of Sports Finance about the articles that are published there. Even more exciting is that many Sports Economics classes course websites get students to visit the blog.

Justin Wolfers made a lot of good points about how blogging can help distribute your research. He said for every paper he writes he tries to write an OP-ED, a one page summary, a radio commentary, or a longer blog post. In part Justin does this to help hone his message, but also he does it so he can point media to a more accessible version of his work.

David Berri blog Wages of Wins looks at basketball. He talked about how he promoted some of his better commenters to contributors to the blog. I think this might be a good innovation, economists working with interested non-economists to promote economic ideas in Sport.

Finally Kevin Arnovitz talked about how he tried to take Sports Economics ideas to the masses. I think this type of work could be key if economists want to go from being thought of as people with their head in the spread sheet to someone who has something worth wile to say to the average fan.
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