Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cash Transfers in Guatemala

I have written previously about conditional cash transfers that give money to mothers who give their kids to school and go in for health checkups. The programs have worked well in Mexico and Brazil, but what about poorer countries.

Guatemala in 2007 started its own conditional cash transfer program Mi Familia Progresa or my family progresses. This article about the program lists a series of examples of how these programs can fail. From the article we can see three main reasons the program is perceived to be failing

1.) The money isn't getting to the right people as evident by many of the registration documents belong to the same people
2.) Health workers have renamed the program my bar progress for Dads taking the money for drinking, I have heard this other places but the data doesn't generally support increased drinking from cash transfers in Nicaragua based on my own work.
3.) More kids are going to school but school budgets haven't been increased. So the schools can't handle the increased numbers of kids.

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