Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Post is For You

A loyal reader e-mailed me saying he liked my blog. I'm always a little surprised when someone I've never met finds my writing enjoyable. Of course I shouldn't be as surprised, when it's a fellow home brewer who has lived in many of the same places I have (Ohio, Wisconsin, DC).

Check out his new tublr blog The Homebrewing Triathlete about home brewing, beer, and triathlons.

You will find amusing stories like this about slugs preferences for beer

"The next morning there were two slugs in the Guinness, two in the Moosehead and none in the pan with a blend. Clearly they had no preference for Irish or Canadian brew, or Mexican if I included last week’s Corona. But compared to the number of slugs I found in the Budweiser, this performance was, well, sluggish"

Also amusing aside about the restaurant that chargers for no shows. As my friend Jennie alludes to my wife and I missed brunch with her and friends at a place we had reservations for 6. They didn't really believe Jennie that her friends canceled because they were off to have a baby, well until the other couple walked in saying did Marie, my wife, have the baby.

Finally, for Britt, I miss Beloit's Mexican food. True though outside of that Beloit isn't full of ethnic dinning dreams, but there are quite a few great places for breakfast.

For my other readers, thanks for reading!!

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