Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Paying for Wireless

Thanks to my buddies at Comcast, I now have the internet in my apartment. Silver Spring does provide free wireless, but it only works if we go outside or rarely inside into our apartment. Sick of sitting in the rain to send an important e-mail or look up directions, we are finally paying for internet.

Another option when you live in a big apartment is to use someone else’s wireless network. A nytimes article from last year suggests that in some cases using others network, will slow down their internet speed. In 2004 an editor of a technological website found that 30% of networks in LA had no security so anyone could go on them. In my building a sample of 10 wireless networks shows all have been password protected, although leaving wireless networks open still seems to be common place (in Tallahasse, New Orleans, Washington DC). I just wonder why those people could not live in my building (not that I would free ride).

Also thanks to Annapolispolitics for answer my questions about bar closing time in the comments.

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