Friday, November 2, 2007

Strike One, Strike Two

In DC if you want to take a cab the price is currently determined by zones, which seems to confuse even long time DC residents so it always seem the cab drivers is making the price up on the spot. The DC mayor is trying to implement moving to a meter system, where cab fares will be based on distance. Cab drivers in response went on strike Wednesday (Halloween), it appears the strike had only a small impact (story). Another interesting (although colorful take) comes from a DC cabbie blogger. The blogger claims that unless you are cheating people the meter fairs shouldn’t make a difference. Although, given the payments the cabbie accepts I’m not sure how the switch from zone to meter will impact the cabby’s business.

In strike 2, the Writer Guild of America is about ready to strike (see this NY times article). It is likely this strike has a better chance of working as the writers are probably harder to replace than the cabbies. Also it appears the writers have the support of other unions, while the cabbies were not helped out by limo or bus drivers.

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