Monday, August 10, 2009

Dim Sum: Why is it the only buffet on wheels?

On Saturday I went out to eat dim sum with 15 friends. For those of you have not experienced the fun of dim sum. At many places you sit down and then waitresses come by with carts full of tasty steamed dumplings and little dishes of tasty things. You point to what you like then it is set on your table and you eat. Many times you have hardly sat down and there are 5 or 6 dishes on your table already.

I can’t think of another cuisine that all the food is prepared then brought around for you to choose. To do this type of style I think you would need several things: a restaurant with high turnover and many customers, dishes that work well in small plate style, and cheep workers to bring around the food. Dim sum has all three. There are sushi boat/train places where sushi passes you by and you can pick it up, but perhaps labor is too expensive in Japanese restaurants and sushi has more expensive ingredients. Other than that if a place is not a food made to order place, then it is a buffet.

If you can think of other foods sold like dim sum let me know.

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Gregorus said...

Mongolian barbecue works like this; you even have the little marker to tell them whether you want the food to show up or stay away.

Sometimes it seems like they are competing with each other to bring you the most food.

rjgitter said...

Well, it's not on wheels, but another movable feast is a Brazillian churrascaria. As I understand it, they bring large skewers of meat to your table and they will cut off as much of whatever type you want. When you are done, you get a 10 % discount for a coronary bypass.

Here is some more info