Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pan Asian and Menu Design

Thanks to Greg and my dad who commented on yesterday's post and helped me think of other types of food that is served like dim sum . Greg mentioned Mongolian BBQ, in the past when I have had it, you build your own stir fry at a salad bar then give it to a grill cook. My dad suggests the Brazilian steak house, but I have not been to one either, I knew about the meat part but I thought there was also a salad bar involved. I think more research is needed. Who is up for some grilled meat?

Now on to today’s topic Pan Asian restaurants. Last week I ate at two places that serve sushi, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese food. The first (Asian Bistro, Silver Spring) I think does a decent job on sushi, but misses the mark on Chinese I haven’t strayed from the sushi too much. The second (Spices, Cleveland Park) seems to do a decent job at all with a type of greatest hits menu (California Rolls, Pad Thai, Pho).

The benefit to having an eclectic menu is if my friend wants curry and I want sushi we can go to the same place. If a menu gets too small (say one or two items) the restautant loses groups with one person who doesn’t like the food. If a restaurant’s menu gets too big, it will be harder for the cooks to do any well or have enough fresh ingredients. Maybe that is why the second restaurant with the shorter greatest hits menu tends to do better at any one dish. Other factors like higher prices and location probably play a roll too.

My advice be weary of restaurants with too many menu items (unless they are on wheels)

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