Monday, August 17, 2009

Maybe it is Time to Buy a House?

Over the weekend I had a house warming party (thanks to all those who came!). I didn’t buy a house, I’m still renting. I’m not ready to pull the trigger yet on buying as I’m not sure where in the DC-Baltimore area I’m going to want to live in the coming years.

People have told me over the last couple of years, that now is the time to buy a house and the down turn is over. I’ve ignored the real estate agents, I’ve ignored the arm chair economists, I’ve ignored my economists friends, but here is another data point.

It appears that a few people who predicted real estate crash are starting to get back into real estate. This LA Times article chronicles a few including most famously Paul Krugman.

This still isn’t enough to sway me but just another data point indicating that things might be looking up in the real estate market.

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