Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grinnell Founders Day, Wedding Procession Dance, and Glee

When people ask where I went to undergrad I say a small school in Iowa, because if not the next question is where the hell is Grinnell?

Today is Grinnell founders' day. On this day in 1846 James J Hill laid a silver dollar down on a table and started Iowa College which a few years later would become Grinnell an awesome school with over 1 BILLION silver dollars in their endowment.

My favorite Grinnell Economics fact is that we are number 3 in economics PhD per student graduated. (link)

About a year ago a Grinnellian became an internet sensation as a bride in the famous J&G wedding dance. For those of you who don't remember it here is a previous post. In short her video used a song (Chris Brown's Forever) that was copyrighted. Instead of taking the video down they worked out an agreement with the song's copyright owners and the video stayed up and more people bought "Forever" on Itunes.

I was thinking about this when I read a recent Salon article on the show Glee. The article points out that the performances in Glee (a show about a high school show choir) would all be copyright violations or that the school would have to spend tons of money to get the rights to perform such classics as "Don't Stop Believing" & "Push It".

Glee has been quite successful as the Salon article points out selling over 4 million songs online. So if we go back to the J&G video we see that you can get around copyright problems if you are awesome.

And truth be told I've really been enjoying the first four episodes of Glee they really are good, although not as good as my four years at Grinnell.

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Britt said...

Sure, just stoke the fires of our endowment envy. *shakes fist*