Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why I don't do all you can eat or upload

For a man of about 30 I just don't eat that much. I like to say I eat like a 6 year old who just ate dinner. My wife likes to point out this is a good thing.

Because I don't eat a lot I tend to avoid all you can eat buffets (well that and food quality). I never quite feel I'm getting my money's worth, when I see the person next to me getting their 4 or 5th plate of food. Generally economic theory says that when businesses are competitive that prices should go to average cost. The people getting 4 or 5 plates are driving up the average cost and the price.

I also don't have a smartphone. If I did have one, I would probably use it for GPS and the occasional surfing. Most cell phone carriers have all you can use (eat?) data plans costing $30 a month. AT&T has just announced it will offer plans based on your data usage instead of an all you can use. For heavy users this will be bad, but for me it makes a phone with a data plan more enticing.

But I'm still a Luddite, and think I'll keep going without the smartphone even for only $15 a month.

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