Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wrap up From Yesterday

It was quite the blog day yesterday. I got linked by Marginal Revolution one of my favorite blogs (welcome Marginal Revolution Readers). My wife pointed out the post is even funnier (or less funny) if you know me and realize I make the DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB joke about once a month

I also sent my post on Strasburg and Nationals tickets to Jodi at Economist Do it With Models (also a favorite econ blog) you can find her take on the question here. I like how she found quotes from Greenspan and Bernanke. As an added bonus you can read a second take from Tony at This Young Economist.

Related the Business of Baseball shows that on the secondary market (stub hub), Nationals average ticket prices were almost double their average for the year.

Related my favorite recent bundled good is that when you buy a 1lb of Starbucks beans you get a free small cup of coffee at their store.

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