Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why I'm at Seattle's Best in Portland?

Updating from Seattle's best in Portland. I know Portland has better coffee shops, but I need wireless to find them and Seattle's Best was close to the hotel. Funny enough I walked passed a Starbucks that was full to this Seattle's Best, and Starbucks owns Seattle best. Must find the Coffee People!

Also some one found my blog by googling "Do Professors really work during the summer?"

The answer is a lot do, but some don't. My department and college expect that I publish 2 articles every 5 years (and even more if I want tenure, which I do). How I would only do my research in 9 months of the year while teaching I don't know.

Some professors work very little during the summer. On the other hand professor contracts are technically for 9 or 10 months.

But summer work can be rewarding currently (while not at this exact moment) I'm working for the InterAmerican Development Bank and the British government's development agency on grants.

So yeah I'm working, but it's not so bad when you can do it from a coffee shop in Portland.
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Britt said...


* props up feet, sips piƱa colada *

(Okay, actually, I'm crunching data.)